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Be kind and improve your health!

You may already know that expressing kindness makes you feel good and boosts your self-esteem. However, it can also directly lower your blood pressure and cortisol, the stress hormone—and even help you be healthier and live longer. Here are a few suggestions for offering simple kindnesses (safely) to help lift someone else’s—as well as your own—spirits…something especially needed during these challenging times!

  • Place a sticky note on someone’s mirror, dashboard, front door or inside their lunch bag to tell them how much you appreciate them
  • At the grocery store, leave your extra/unwanted coupons by the checkout for someone else to use
  • Let someone in line in front of you; on public transit, give your seat to someone standing
  • Pick up the tab for the next car in line at a coffee or restaurant drive-through
  • Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog or rake their leaves
  • Give someone a sincere compliment—including a store clerk, server, delivery person, service agent – and consider sending a note complimenting them to their supervisor
  • Send a note to your fire department or nurses at your local hospital thanking them for their service
  • Offer to take a project off an overloaded coworker’s hands
  • If applicable, ask your grocery store if they can donate your free turkey to a local charitable organization or family in need
  • Donate blood to the Red Cross, canned goods to a food pantry, blankets to an animal shelter, etc.
  • Volunteer to read to children or help with schoolwork virtually (check with your local library or school district)

Learn more about volunteering or making donations safely through your county or state COVID-19 site, the United Way, Red Cross, or