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Counter quarantine fatigue

The ongoing pandemic and continued loss of things from a simple handshake to get-togethers combined with the postponement of resuming our daily lives can deeply affect our mood, motivation and energy. When you’re treading water and trying to stay afloat for the long haul, these tips can help you build stamina to keep you on a more even keel.

Switch your mindset. Instead of feeling powerless, choose to manage what is in front of you as a motivation to action. Cultivate thoughts and actions that help you “make the most of the situation,” especially on those tough days.

Reach out to others as a lifeline. Whenever possible, talk regularly with supportive, positive people who help you focus on solutions rather than problems.

Maintain a schedule/routine for proper sleep, nutritious meals, and exercise. Remember, stress is stored in the muscles, so even a daily walk around the block helps discharge stress and release calming hormones.

Practice mindfulness. Focusing your attention on the present moment by following your breath, for example, can help you develop acceptance and optimism to combat worry. Find instructions through videos, apps, and other online sources.

Turn to distracting and/or refreshing activities, helping you feel a sense of control. It may be trying a new workout routine, teaching your dog a trick, or assembling a giant puzzle.

Regularly schedule time off. Whenever possible, take a long weekend or day off midweek.

Seek help. If available, talk to a licensed counselor through your employer’s EAP program. Alternatively, ask your doctor to refer you to a qualified professional.