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How to overcome burnout

Snapping at others? Does every day feel like an uphill trudge? These are classic signs of burnout—the exhaustion, frustration and lack of motivation you feel from ongoing stress when there are too many demands on your attention and too few resources to deal with it. If it’s not addressed, burnout can harm your health, happiness, relationships and job performance. The good news is that you can make changes to restore the balance you need. Try these tips when you are feeling stretched thin:

Reset your priorities. Saying “no” to non-essential tasks frees up time for more restorative activities, like leisurely exploring a nearby trail.

Request support. At work, you could ask for a flexible work schedule or swap certain aspects of your job with a coworker. At home, make a family calendar clearly listing everyone’s daily chores so they don’t all automatically fall on you!

Recharge your batteries. Make space for those activities and people that boost, rather than drain, your spirits. Take short breaks throughout the day to just sit quietly or step outside—even a few minutes in nature can be invigorating. Sign up to learn something new – mastering a skill can reignite your confidence and your outlook.

Know when to seek additional help. Accepting that you cannot always deal with a stressful situation on your own is critical to resilience.