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Finding fun in exercise

One of the best ways to maintain your motivation to exercise is by making it fun and enjoyable. If you look forward to exercise, it becomes easier to follow through on.  There are many ways to make exercise fun–here are a few of our favorites.

Dress the part. Have you ever heard the expression, dress for the job you want? Well, try applying the same to exercise. Find an exercise outfit and gear that makes you feel excited to work out.

Think of it as “me time.” If you’re constantly on the go, helping others, or working, exercise is a great way to focus on yourself, reduce stress and boost your mood. Plus, it can give you more energy to keep moving.

Buddy up! Exercise with a friend, neighbor, spouse, child—anyone who will bring you joy in conversation and camaraderie. If your buddy of choice is not part of your household, don’t forget to follow social distancing guidelines or have virtual exercise sessions.

Make it a virtual event. Chances are you may have a group of friends, family members or coworkers who would like to stay active, too. Create a virtual exercise club as a way to spend time with each other and hold each other accountable to your goals.

Make it a game. Whether you compete against yourself, your exercise buddy or virtual club, a little competition can help liven up your workout.

Reward yourself. For every goal you meet or milestone you beat, determine a prize you plan to reward yourself with for your efforts. Ideas include your favorite candy, getting a pair of sneakers or shirt you have had your eye on, and more!

Rock out to your favorite music. Listening to music while exercising can be both enjoyable and inspirational.

Listen to an audiobook. This can help pass the time as well as help you want to exercise more so you can find out what happens next!

Use a fitness device or app. Many fitness devices and apps have bells and whistles designed to be fun and motivational.

Continuously set goals. If you’ve met your goals and aren’t sure where to go next, or even if you haven’t quite reached your goal but are struggling, it is helpful to assess your goals and determine what else you’d like to accomplish. Having something to work toward is helpful for follow-through.