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Mindful reflections to live well in 2020

Using simple mindfulness techniques offers a convenient way to focus on the present moment, slow down your body and mind to help you better cope with everyday stress, and feel more in control of your life. In 2020, we challenge you to become more mindful with the help of the reflections below. Choose one (or several) that resonates with you and what you would like to gain from being more mindful and use it as inspiration each day.

Warm your heart with contentment

The more you’re able to accept, appreciate and acknowledge the impact that every moment, experience and interaction contributes to your growth and personal development, the more content your heart will be.

Savor peaceful moments

There are multitudes of things that demand our attention every day, pulling us in different directions. Set aside a few minutes each day to stop and allow yourself to be at peace and rest without worrying about what needs to happen next.

Stop and smell the flowers

Appreciate the small details of your life. For example, take notice of the sky as you commute to work. Observe the color, the clouds, whether the sun or moon is up—anything that you would normally take for granted.

Follow your dreams

Continuously set goals. Whether you have them for your health, career, or personal life, setting goals provides a sense of purpose, motivation, and gives you drive. Plus, when you meet your goals, you get a confidence boost!

Strive for resiliency

Turn difficulties into opportunities. Rather than thinking of difficulties as challenges or obstacles, think about them as opportunities to help you tackle things with greater motivation, ambition and confidence!

Collect beautiful moments

Put less emphasis on objects and more on memories. Save money and use it toward meaningful experiences rather than “things.” The memories formed will be far more lasting and impactful than any item you could purchase.

Accept change as constant

Change your reaction to change—it’s the only part of change you can control. Change can be scary or stressful, but if you use the experience to re-evaluate and affirm what matters most, you’ll come out of the situation stronger.

We hope 2020 is your best year yet!