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Workout of the Week: Sprints

Looking for a way to burn calories fast, get fit quicker and increase your speed? If so, you may be interested in sprints! Sprints allow you to add a burst of high intensity into your workout as well as help you build your jog/run speed the more you practice them. Keep reading to learn how!

How to do them

  1. Take a 5-minute walk before starting. Since sprinting quickly engages your muscles, it is important to sprint after they’ve already been warmed up.
  2. Position yourself at your start point.
  3. Sprint! Jog/run at about 70 percent of your fastest speed to start for 30 seconds.
  4. Stop! After completing each sprint, slowly walk back to your start position.
  5. Rest by continuing to walk around for at least 90 seconds. Be sure to rest for 3 seconds for every 1 second that you sprinted.
  6. Return to your start position.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 four times for a total of 5 sprints.
  8. Cool down. Walk around for at least 5 minutes to allow your body and heart rate to return to normal.


  • In order to prevent injuries, it is very important to warm up and cool down before and after sprints.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard. In order to reap the benefits of sprinting, it is critical to build up by practicing over time.
  • When starting sprints, be sure to sprint in a flat area with few obstacles such as speed bumps, rocks, plants, traffic, etc.
  • The best places to try sprints include local running tracks or sports fields, walking or jogging paths, and neighborhood sidewalks.
  • As you continue performing sprints, if 30 seconds begins to get easy for you, try adding 10 seconds, then 20 seconds, and so on.
  • You can also increase your intensity level to 80 percent and so on to make your sprints more challenging.
  • When you feel like you’ve mastered flat sprints, you can get more from your sprints by performing them on inclined areas such as hills.

Always talk to your doctor prior to beginning a new workout routine, and only perform exercises appropriate for your health and fitness level.