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Take advantage of your workplace Wellness Program

May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month; however, most employers focus on the health of their employees year-round. In fact, over 60 percent of employers offer wellness programs at work. Yet only about 40 percent of employees take advantage of this benefit. These programs provide support and resources to help you reach your goals. If your employer offers you this valuable opportunity, here are some reasons you should participate.

  1. Get educated about important health topics. Wellness programs often include workshops, tip flyers and other educational materials to help you learn how to improve your health.
  2. Learn more about your own personal health. A standard component of wellness programs is a health risk assessment. Completing this questionnaire provides a snapshot into your health status and what you can do to get healthier. Additionally, if you have access to a Wellness Coach, you can gain insight into how your lifestyle may be impacting your health.
  3. Track your progress. Utilize online health trackers and fitness devices to keep tabs on your healthy habits and see where you may need to improve.
  4. Stay accountable. Company-wide wellness programs promote accountability and provide support as colleagues work parallel with each other on their health goals. Many programs include competitions to create friendly rivalries and push each other to improve.
  5. Earn incentives. Partake to earn rewards that your employer may be offering for participation.
  6. Access professional resources for FREE – The resources provided by your company’s wellness program would cost you big bucks if you were to pay for the services on your own.

Other resources employers may provide to promote a healthier workforce include:

Healthy food options – Employers have begun to feature primarily nutritious options in vending machines and on-site cafes to promote good nutrition. Opt for the healthy food choices while at work!

On-site fitness centers – Many employers have convenient on-site facilities with workout equipment, fitness classes and more! Take advantage of these offerings by fitting in a workout before or after work, or even during lunch!

Gym discounts – If your employer doesn’t have a fitness center on-site, they may offer a subsidized membership or discount to join a local gym. While it may not be in the building, you may still be close enough to visit before or after work.

Sports teams – Take advantage of company-sponsored sports teams. These usually range from softball to kickball to volleyball. These activities provide a chance to get to know your colleagues outside of the office while fitting in exercise as well.

Review your benefits paperwork or contact your HR department to confirm exactly what resources may be available to you.

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