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Workout of the Week: Static Runner

This light cardio exercise is a great quick move to get your blood pumping. It will also help you use muscles in your lower back and core.

How to do it

  1. From a standing position, lean forward as you bring your right foot back behind you and touch your toe to the ground. Your knee should be slightly bent and your back straight while engaging your core.
  2. Next, bring your right leg forward; bend your knee as your leg rises so that your thigh is parallel to the floor. As you bring your right leg forward, you should be moving your left arm forward, similar to if you were really running.
  3. Return to standing position briefly, then repeat with your left leg and right arm.
  4. Repeat exercise for 30 seconds (or longer depending on fitness level).


  • As you begin to perfect the motion, increase your speed.
  • Be sure to give yourself plenty of space to perform this exercise.
  • Your arms will move along as if you’re running, but your legs should remain in relatively the same place.

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