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Wellness App Review: 1000 Guided Meditations

There are many meditations apps available, but it can be a challenge to find one that provides you with everything that you’re looking for in meditation such as a soothing guiding voice, calming background music, a plethora of topics and varying durations. 1000 Guided Meditations is an all-encompassing app that has something for everyone. It’s available for free for both Android and iOS.

How it works

After downloading, the app will ask you to provide your email address, although it doesn’t require your email address to proceed. No further registration is required. You’ll then see the “My Content” page with a list of different categories, including beginner; guided meditations for mindfulness, relaxation and sleep; and varying lengths of meditations ranging from 1 to 20+ minutes. Choose a category to open a menu with options that fall within the category. Choose the meditation you’d like to try and get started. If you enjoy the meditation you choose and want to save it for easier access, tap the plus sign in the upper right corner of your screen. You can access this list from the menu, which you can find by tapping the menu in the upper left corner of the My Content page. On this menu you’ll find other features including meditation sounds, a timer and daily inspirations. There is also an Explore and Search section where you can:

  • Access how-tos on a variety of topics including eating healthy, being grateful, finding your passion and more
  • Listen to motivational speeches and talks on different subjects like achieving success, being courageous, building confidence and more


  • There is a lot of content on this app to keep you busy for a while without having to purchase additional features, but if there is a meditation you’d like to try that is locked you can unlock it for either $3.99 for one month, $6.99 for three months or $12.99 for lifetime access.
  • You can use the timer, plus choose either meditation music or nature sounds if you prefer to meditate on your own.
  • The narrators of the meditations have soothing, calming voices.
  • Most of the meditations also feature relaxing music in the background to further deepen your meditation.


  • There is are many features to this app, it would be nice if there was a brief tutorial to help users understand what is available to fully take advantage of it.


This is a great app for beginners to meditations, individuals who seek to deepen and expand their practice as well as everyone in between! Try it out today.