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Member story: Helping Mary lower her blood pressure

Every day, Health Advocate helps people across the country improve their health, reduce their healthcare costs, meet health and wellness goals, and so much more. Here’s the story of one member, Mary, and how Health Advocate helped her lower her blood pressure.

The problem:

Mary discovered she had high blood pressure at a Health Advocate Onsite Biometric Screening event.

How Health Advocate helped:

Mary wasn’t sure what to do next, so she called a Health Advocate Wellness Coach for help. Her coach inspired her to take action, so Mary then:

  • Hired a personal trainer
  • Worked out daily and changed her diet
  • Lost over 22 pounds
  • Made it her goal to get off her blood pressure medication

Mary was able to make these healthy changes with the help and support of her coach, who cheered her on every step of the way!

For Health Advocate members

If you are a Health Advocate member with access to the wellness coaching component of our Wellness Program and you’re looking for personalized help getting healthy, please give us a call or log on to your member website to get started!