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Health Advocate introduces new member engagement platform

Streamlined website and mobile app to be deployed at thousands of organizations and available to millions of employees and members nationwide

West’s Health Advocate Solutions, a leading clinical health advocacy company, announced today the latest update of its interactive online member engagement experience. The website and mobile app both enable members to access all of their Health Advocate services in one place, seamlessly connecting them to experts and resources to help them get the information and assistance they need to navigate the healthcare system, access care and improve their health.

Developed by top informatics experts, Health Advocate combines its powerful, unique data analytic abilities and proprietary algorithms with machine learning to drive features of the new site and app, automatically delivering personalized recommendations to members, encouraging them to take specific actions unique to their needs and goals. The same information is also available to Personal Health Advocates, leading to a better member experience and improved outcomes.

Abbie Leibowitz, M.D., F.A.A.P., Chief Medical Officer, Founder and President Emeritus of West’s Health Advocate Solutions, said, “In order to effectively meet members where they are in their health and wellness journey, it’s critical that we provide even more convenient access to our services and programs. With this latest release, we can more easily connect members with excellent, expert personal support, along with providing the ability to utilize a number of new digital tools to track and manage their health.”

The new, easier-to-use member website and app combine the guidance of Personal Health Advocates with data-driven technology, providing personalized support while driving increased engagement. As an all-in-one, integrated hub for both Health Advocate programs as well as other health, wellness and benefits services, it is now easier for members to connect with all of their benefits via the channel that works best for them – online, via the app or by calling a Personal Health Advocate.

Since the platform was first introduced last April, Health Advocate has identified more than 2.5 million member-specific actions to help users take steps toward better health. As an industry leader for nearly 20 years, Health Advocate understands what members need to effectively take charge of their health.

Key features of the new online member experience include:

  • One-step access to 24/7 personal support, including the option to immediately call or message an Advocate for one-on-one guidance and assistance
  • Personalized to-do lists and alerts and company-wide custom messaging capabilities
  • Real-time Health Advocate case status and the ability to instantly upload documents
  • Access to member-specific information such as benefits and gaps in care
  • Incentives status and tracking for wellness and other activities
  • Multi-channel outreach capabilities with option to choose preferred methods of communication (i.e., mobile push notifications email, phone, etc.)
  • Pricing transparency tool to compare costs for medical procedures and prescriptions
  • Useful health and wellness information including workshops and challenges
  • Mobile app accessthrough touch ID

A recent Health Advocate study* found that forty percent of employees cite the lack of “communication personalized to my specific health needs” as a flaw in their organizations’ benefits initiatives. Further, employees participating in the survey indicated they prefer a mix of available communication channels, such as an online portal, website, email and live support by phone, depending on the issue at hand. Offering a personalized, multi-channel experience that meets employees’ specific preferences and needs drives engagement in health and benefits.

Health Advocate recently presented a soft launch of the new platform at the Society for Human Resources (SHRM) 2018 Annual Conference in New Orleans. The new member website and mobile app are now available to all Health Advocate members online or via both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. To request a demo or more information, please call 866.799.2655, or email us at:


*Source: Health Advocate, “Striking a Healthy Balance” survey report, 2016.