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Break out of your winter funk!

Even if this winter has been milder than most in many parts of the country, gray days and long nights can still bring out the blues. Short of hopping on a plane to sunnier locales, there are a few things you can do now to get you through the final stretch until spring and help you bust out of that winter funk.

Get together with friends. It can be tempting to hole up under a blanket every weekend watching television or reading, but spending time with friends and family can be a fun mood booster. Invite a few people over for a casual dinner or meet up at a local park for a chilly, but invigorating, walk.

Lighten up. Sunlight can have a big impact on your outlook. In the absence of a sunny day, consider trying a light box to bring the sunshine in and brighten your day.

Try something new. Winter is a great time to experiment with a new hobby or activity that can help you break out of a rut. Try art, cooking or music.

Stay active. You’ve likely heard this many times before, but exercising and moving more can really help improve your mood! Check out these ideas for inspiration, and keep these tips in mind.

Take care of yourself. If you’re not feeling your best physically, your mood will follow. Take steps to avoid getting sick. Avoid dry skin and dehydration, and protect yourself from common winter pitfalls like indulging in too many comfort foods. Instead, try adding a new-to-you winter fruit or vegetable to your diet!

Dream of sunshine. Being stuck inside is the perfect time to start researching your spring or summer vacation. Make a wish list and keep an eye out for great deals. Having a trip to look forward to can help you power through the rest of winter.

Plus, here are more tips and ideas to avoid or break away from the winter doldrums.

How Health Advocate can help

If you’re a Health Advocate member with access to EAP+Work/Life or Wellness Coaching, your counselor or Coach can help you come up with additional ways to bust out of your winter funk and enjoy the rest of this season.

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