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Reorganizing your kitchen for healthy eating

Have you ever considered that your eating habits may be influenced by the way your kitchen is organized? Well, it’s true! You can support your nutrition goals and improve your ability to choose healthy foods by reorganizing your kitchen. The primary goal of reorganizing your kitchen for healthy eating is to have your healthier foods front and center and your unhealthier foods in less obvious places. These tips will help you get started.

Clean out your fridge with these easy steps!

  1. Remove everything in your fridge.
  2. Clean the shelves, doors and drawers.
  3. Toss older leftovers, check expiration dates and get rid of what is out-of-date.
  4. Start putting everything back. Keep unhealthier foods and condiments in the back of the fridge and the lower drawers and shelves.
  5. As you’re putting things back, save the produce for last. While it is easy to put it in the produce drawer of your fridge, you can encourage snacking on fruits and veggies by cutting some up and keeping it in covered bowls or jars at eye level.

Pay attention to your pantry

  • Evaluate the contents of your pantry by checking expiration dates and freshness of foods.
  • Store unhealthy food options up high. Keeping unhealthy foods, snacks and candy up high, out of sight and out of reach, can help you consider eating healthier choices first.
  • Healthier options should be front and center, and within arm’s reach. This may make you more likely to choose them when you’re searching for a snack.
  • Keep healthy staples. Whole grain pastas, cans of beans, lentils and other legumes, brown rice, etc. stay fresh for a long amount of time. They can be great go-to items when looking for a side dish for your next meal.

De-clutter your counters

  • Check out your counters. What is currently on them? If you have any sweet, salty or high-fat foods or snack items out, consider adding them to the junk food shelf in your pantry.
  • Place a bowl of temperature-stable fresh fruits and vegetables on the counter for easy access.

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