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Wellness App Review: Insight Timer

If you’re interested in starting mediation or simply looking for a new way to meditate and track your progress, you may be interested in the Insight Timer app. This free app is available for both Android and iOS. It integrates meditation with a social media aspect, allowing you to not only track your progress and access a variety of guided meditations, but connect with friends and view the status of other meditators worldwide. You can also purchase an upgraded version for even more meditations!

How it works

Upon downloading the app, you’ll be prompted to register to use it. All you need is your first name, email address, password and location. Once registered, you’re automatically signed on. You’ll be asked if you want to upload a picture, but it isn’t necessary if you don’t want to. The app has many neat features allowing you to connect with others, view who is meditating and where, and track your progress with mediation.

There are thousands of guided meditations to choose from. If you prefer your own meditations, the app features music you can play as a background to your session. Additionally, if you prefer to meditate in quiet, you can also use the app’s meditation timer. The free version gives you two signals to choose from (bell and wood block) and you can set the timer as often as you’d like or simply set it to signal the end of your meditation.


  • There are thousands of meditations available (even more if you purchase the upgraded version). You can sort based on your preferences and bookmark those you like for easy access.
  • Guided meditations are available in 19 different languages.
  • There are many different ways to communicate with other meditators.
  • You can join groups with your friends to meditate together and share in your experiences.
  • This app has more than just your typical meditations. There are yoga and tai chi features, too.


  • Even with your device volume all of the way up, it can be difficult to hear the meditations.
  • The app is very simple in design and not very engaging.
  • The background of the app is white and gives off a lot of light. If you enjoy meditating in a dimly lit room, it can be a distraction.
  • Prompts to purchase upgraded version can be annoying.

Overall consensus

This is a great app for those looking for support with meditation. Meditation is generally a self-guided practice. For some people this works really well, but others may prefer a social aspect. Connecting with others can help provide more motivation and accountability. While the app allows you to meditate by yourself, there is a social aspect that allows you to connect with friends and other meditators worldwide.