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Wellness App Review: Zombies, Run!

Ever wonder what it would be like to live through a zombie apocalypse? If so, you can “experience” one in a unique way. Zombies, Run! is a fitness app that uses the storyline of a post-apocalyptic world where zombies are everywhere. There is one last holdout for humanity, a place called Abel, and with each step you walk, run or jog, you can help save the world while getting fit. This free app is available for both Android and iOS. Try it today!

How it works

After downloading the app, you’ll be briefed with a quick slideshow explaining the app and what you can expect by using it. Next, you’ll be prompted to register. You will need to create a unique username, enter your email address, and set a password. After inputting the information, you’ll automatically be logged on to the app. You will also have to verify your account through your email address, although you’re not required to do it immediately.

When you’re reading to start working out, begin the first mission of season one. This mission will introduce you to the app, the storyline and explain what to expect as you progress.  As you complete each mission you’ll collect supplies to help you save work to save Abel. With 200 missions to choose from, you’ll never get bored! You can track your progress by looking at your route maps, checking your supplies, and syncing data. There are additional features to choose from should you wish to step up your workout. You can complete a training program or use one of the app’s interval training runs to maximize your efforts. Additionally, there is a spinoff app that helps you to prepare for a 5k.


  • Fun storyline to keep you interested in your workout
  • You don’t have to be a runner to use this app. It works for walking and jogging, too.
  • You can listen to music through the app’s “radio station” or you can connect to your own music if you prefer
  • If you don’t want to be chased by zombies, you can turn this feature off
  • There is no need to look at the screen while working out. All you need to do is listen!


  • The app is very large. Upon downloading it recommends you only use WiFi to download to avoid data charges. Additionally, it takes a long time to download.
  • You have to create a unique username. However, when you’re creating it on your device it doesn’t tell you whether or not someone has the username until after you submit it along with your email address and password. If it is taken, you have to reenter your information again until you provide a username that no one else has.
  • While there are enough free features to keep you busy, there are many that can only be accessed through the “pro” membership, such as increasing the difficulty of zombie chases, additional training plans and interval training.

Overall consensus

If you’re looking for a new way to get motivated to exercise, this app may be of interest to you! It keeps you hooked with a fun storyline and makes working out a game. Like a good book, this app is difficult to put down!