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Wellness App Review: Happier

Do you sometimes find it challenging to be happy or grateful for all of the things you have? Have you ever struggled with maintaining a positive attitude? If so, you may be interested in exploring the Happier app! This free app is available for both iOS and Android. The app’s goal is to help you cultivate greater happiness and appreciation in life by sharing in the joys of others, tracking the things that make you happy, and learning through interactive courses.

How it works

Upon downloading the app, it will ask you to input your name, email address, select a password, and choose your location. It will then prompt you to connect with friends who may already be on the app or invite others to join (you can skip this step if you choose). Once set up, you can access the community, where you can see posts from others about what they’re happy about or grateful for. You can see featured posts, friends’ posts, or posts from people who are close by.

You can also choose from Happier’s list of courses to help you improve in areas of your life such as gratitude, meditation, sleep, spiritual growth and much more. Courses range in length and the app recommends that you only complete one lesson per day for the duration of the course. The courses feature videos and articles to read as well as suggest a goal to strive for each day of the course.


  • You can change the privacy settings should you wish to use the app, but want to keep your posts private
  • Fun, engaging design
  • The community section helps provide inspiration, ideas and support in maintaining your own happiness as well as encouraging others
  • The courses are interesting and don’t require too much time to complete. The app suggests allotting 15 minutes per lesson.
  • If you prefer to use your computer, you can also participate in some of the courses online for $4.99 each


  • At this time, the Android app doesn’t have the full capabilities of the iOS app (they’re still working on it). However, Android users are able to access the community, share what they’re grateful for, and take a few of the courses.
  • If you wanted to complete a course in one day, the app prevents you from doing so. You can only complete one lesson per day.

Overall consensus

If you’re looking for a simple app to help you increase your happiness and well-being, this app may be for you. It helps to scratch the surface of a substantial topic without being too overwhelming. Additionally, the app is useful for people who enjoy connecting with others for support and motivation.