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Yes, you really do need to floss!

We get it–flossing can be a pain. Each time your dental hygienist or dentist remind you about it, you rededicate yourself to daily flossing, but when it’s late at night, flossing is often the first thing to get pushed to the wayside. But flossing is well worth your while! In recognition of National Flossing Day on November 27, here are a few reasons to get flossing!

  • Get what the brush missed. While brushing does a great job of cleaning the surface of your teeth, it often misses the spaces in between, which is where food particles and other bacteria frequently get trapped.
  • Avoid having to cover your mouth. By removing more bacteria with floss than through brushing alone, you also get rid of the primary causes of bad breath.
  • Stop bleeding gums. Many people may avoid flossing since it causes their gums to bleed. However, the bleeding happens because your gums are not as healthy as they could be. Research shows consistent flossing can help minimize or even stop bleeding.
  • Maintain gum health. Regular flossing can help prevent common, but sometimes serious, gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. If left untreated, these conditions can cause infections and possibly tooth loss.
  • Prevent serious health issues. If you don’t floss regularly, you are more likely to develop dental health issues like gum disease or excess plaque. These have the potential to lead to or exacerbate a number of illnesses and medical conditions, including heart disease, arthritis, respiratory illness and premature labor in women who are pregnant.
  • Save money! A healthy mouth means fewer visits to the dentist. By brushing and flossing as instructed by your dentist, you may be able to prevent more serious issues that can become costly.

To learn more about keeping your smile healthy, check out our post here. And for a step-by-step guide for flossing best practices, visit the American Dental Association’s website here.

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