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Wellness App Review: Tep

Looking for a workout buddy? Then you may be interested in the Tep fitness app! Tep provides you with a virtual pet that is sustained by your exercise. Every time you work out, you’re not only improving your own health, but also the health of a tiny giraffe. This free app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It takes the gamification of wellness to a new level, reminiscent of the virtual pets of the 90s.

How it Works

Upon downloading the app, you’ll be asked to sign up and agree to participate. You’ll set your personal information, like height, weight, gender, etc., to get started. Then you’ll name your giraffe! After the initial setup, you can sync your fitness device to get credit for all your movement throughout the day.

Every time you exercise, you receive “coins” for your efforts. Then you use the coins to purchase food, clothing and new habitats for your giraffe. As your exercise becomes consistent, your giraffe also becomes more agile and stronger. There is no limit to the types of exercise you can get credit for as long as you track through your synced device or the app. This app will even map your exercise if you’re a runner, biker or walker, similar to what Runkeeper or MapMyRun do.


  • The app has a fun look and feel.
  • The giraffe is adorable, which helps motivate you to exercise for its care.
  • Your giraffe will notify you when it is hungry or needs to you to start moving.
  • The app also features the help of an audio coach to help motivate you as you exercise.
  • There is a diary that automatically logs information about your workouts. It also allows you to add notes to track your progress.


  • The rate at which the giraffe becomes hungry is slow, so it’s possible for you to go days without exercising, and the giraffe won’t be hungry to the point that you have to exercise to maintain it.
  • The app gives you a lot of coins to begin with (1500!), so there is little motivation to start exercising right away.
  • It is a great concept, but the developer should try to make it more engaging and require more interaction with the giraffe to encourage greater fitness.

Overall Consensus:

If you’re looking for a new, unconventional fitness app, Tep may be just the solution for you. The app is really cute and provides accountability to stick with exercise by taking care of your giraffe.

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