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Wellness App Review: My Pregnancy Today

If you’re looking for an informative and engaging pregnancy app, you may be interested in My Pregnancy Today. This free app, available for both iOS and Android, provides you with daily information to help you through your pregnancy and prepare for your baby’s arrival. You’ll learn about nutrition, exercise, stress relief and much more. You’ll be pleased with the wealth and quality of information provided by this app.

How it works

Upon downloading the app, you’ll be asked to register and estimate your due date. If your due date changes, you can update this in the settings and it will readjust the timeline.

Based on your due date, the app will provide you with information for where you are in your pregnancy. Information provided covers virtually every topic of pregnancy from symptoms, exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep, what to wear, expectations for doctors’ visits, planning your registry and much more. At the beginning of each week, you’ll learn the stage of development, size and weight of the baby as well as a brief video describing its growth.

There is also a daily task that you can complete—it contributes to your well-being during pregnancy. You can view your task progress to see which daily tasks you’ve completed and which you haven’t completed yet. Each week you can take a “bumpie” (a baby bump selfie, of course!) to watch your baby bump grow. In addition to tracking the size of your baby bump, there is a kick tracker to monitor your baby’s movements and a contraction timer for when you go into labor. Finally, there is a community section where you can communicate with other moms-to-be.


  • Extensive wealth of information covering all pregnancy topics.
  • Practical daily advice and the ability to explore many aspects of pregnancy.
  • The daily checklist helps to remind you that self-care during pregnancy is important.
  • Connect with other moms-to-be for advice and camaraderie.
  • Once the baby is born, you can still use the app to track your baby’s development.


  • The app features a lot of information, so some of the font sizes are small and there is no way to make them appear bigger.
  • You can’t log out of the app. If you do, all of your information will be lost.
  • There should be a notification to remind you to complete your daily task.
  • The design of the app could be more visually appealing and streamlined.


This is a great pregnancy app, especially for first-time moms who really want a lot of information. The app will prepare you for every step of your pregnancy and ensure you remember to take care of yourself.