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Wellness App Review: Gain Yoga

Whether you’re looking to try yoga but are apprehensive about joining a class right away, or are an experienced yogi looking to further your yoga experience, you may be interested in the Gain Yoga app. Gain Yoga is just one of the apps from the Gain Fitness family. This free app is available for iOS devices. Gain Yoga provides you with numerous yoga poses that you can customize into your own routine based on your fitness level, goals and experience with yoga. You perform yoga along with an image of a person while listening to the narrator describe the poses over soothing background music.

How it Works

After downloading the app, you’ll be asked to create an account so that you can access your personal profile. It will ask you your sex, height, weight, age and location for customization. You’ll then have the option to choose one of the three pre-built plans or create your own. The three pre-built plans include: expert (60-minute routine), intermediate (30-minute routine) or beginner (10-minute routine). If you choose one of the routines, you’ll begin immediately.

If you don’t want to choose a routine, you can pick your own plan. By choosing to create your own plan, you can further customize your yoga program by setting a goal, choosing your location (at home or on the go) and how long you’d like the yoga routine to be. From there you’ll choose one of five levels to describe your experience with yoga. These include: novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. You can also choose how fast or slow you’d like the routine to progress; options include auto, slow, medium, and fast. Finally, select what days and times you’d like to practice yoga with the app so that it can send you a reminder. Once your custom yoga routine is built, then you can start to practice!


  • This app is truly a great way to learn or enhance your yoga practice. The images of people doing the poses are crisp and clear. In combination with the narrator’s explanation, you can really understand the pose and perfect your form.
  • The app helps to hold you accountable to your goals as it will record how often you use the app and tell you whether or not you’re being consistent with your goals.
  • The reminder feature is also inspiring as it will let you know in advance that it is the day you scheduled to do yoga.
  • The ability to customize your routine down to such details as the speed of narration is helpful for those starting with yoga to get a handle on the poses.
  • Calming music in the background enhances the yoga experience.
  • While there are enough poses to keep most people satisfied with the free version of the app, there are also upgrades you can purchase, ranging from $2.99 to $6.99 for additional poses.


  • The first time you try the app, it can be challenging to do the poses while looking at your device; however,  once you practice several times, it becomes easier.
  • It would be helpful if the bell between the poses was a little bit louder.
  • The screen does not rotate while using the app, so you can only play it vertically.
  • It is not currently available for Android.

Overall Consensus:

This is a great yoga app for all fitness levels and people with varying yoga experience. The ability to customize the routine based on your individual goals, time, where you’re going to practice, and your level of experience makes this app both motivating and convenient. You’ll meet your yoga goals in no time with this app! Namaste.

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