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Healthy Hawaiian-Inspired Recipes

Now that it’s August, summer is winding down, but your fun doesn’t have to! Keep the taste of summer alive all year round with these tropical, Hawaiian-inspired recipes. We’re sharing them with you in honor of Hawaii’s statehood day, which is August 21st. E ‘ai kaua! (That’s “Let’s eat!” in Hawaiian!)

Fruit and Veggie Dishes

Anuenue Salad – This is a Hawaiian-inspired salad full of island favorites. It’s a great way to load up on different colors of fruits and vegetables, too! (Anuenue means rainbow in Hawaiian.)

Grilled Mangoes – We’ve heard of grilled pineapple, but mangoes—who knew? This may become your new favorite way to eat them.

Hawaiian Japanese Teriyaki Vegetables – These vegetables would be a great addition to your next luau. They complement any of the recipes below.

The Main Event

Paniolo Steak – If you’re looking for a different way to season your steak, you may be interested in this recipe. Full of flavor, it is a favorite of Hawaiian “paniolos,” or cowboys.

Grilled Huli Huli Chicken – With both sweet and savory flavors, this chicken recipe is sure to become a new favorite. It gets its name from huli, the Hawaiian word for turn, a reference to the way the chicken is cooked.

Grilled Mahi Mahi – The use of pineapple and coconut give this recipe a truly tropical feel. Mahi Mahi fish is one of the most commonly consumed fish in Hawaii and one of the most well-known Hawaiian fish on the mainland.

Coconut and Macadamia Crusted Shrimp – Delicious and crunchy, this recipe is baked rather than fried, making it a healthier option.


Creamy Passion Fruit PopsiclesLilikoi, otherwise known as passion fruit, is a popular fruit on the islands of Hawaii. This dairy-free dessert is a great way to experience the versatility of passion fruit. If you can’t find fresh passion fruit, check your frozen food section for passion fruit pulp.

Haupia – Similar to a coconut pudding or flan, this is an authentic Hawaiian dessert typically served at luaus. It is creamy and refreshing.

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