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Workout of the Week: Downward Dog

Our latest Workout of the Week is a yoga pose—the Downward Dog.

This popular yoga pose is a simple but effective exercise that strengthens your arms and legs, while stretching and energizing your shoulders, thighs, feet, and hands. (Note: For people with weak or bad knees, place a towel or yoga mat down on the ground before beginning this exercise.)

Here’s how to do the Downward Dog:

  • Begin by lying on your stomach and placing your hands at your sides around shoulder level, as if you are about to begin doing a push-up.
  • Next, press your buttocks high into the air, resting only on your hands and toes, to form an upside-down V. Tighten your thighs and abdomen. Press your shoulder blades together, and reach your heels to the floor.
  • Hold this pose for 2-3 minutes, or as long as you can, while focusing on taking deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Finally, slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position, continuing to take deep, meditative breaths.
  • Try doing this pose 2-3 times, and hold the pose for 1-2 minutes each time.

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