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Workout of the Week: Leg Circles

Leg Circles

Leg circles–isolated leg exercises–are a great way to strengthen your thigh, calf, and core muscle groups. Here’s how to perform the exercise:

  • To begin, lie flat on your back. Place your hands by your sides with your palms facing down and your legs straight in front of you, feet together.
  • Next, raise your feet about 12 inches off the ground, and tighten your stomach muscles. Hold this position for about 15-20 seconds, or until you start to feel a burn.
  • Then with your feet still together, swing them in circles clockwise. Start out making small circles and progressively make your circles bigger and bigger–you should definitely start to feel a burn. Try doing circles for a full two minutes!
  •  After two minutes (or however long you can handle) reassume the starting position by bringing your feet back out in front of you and slowly lowering them to the ground.
  •  If you’re comfortable doing so, aim for doing 50-60 circles.

Tips: Remember to focus on your breathing, keeping your abdomen tight, and switch up rotations (clockwise and counter-clockwise).

For an extra challenge, try adding an additional minute to this exercise each day that you do it!

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