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Simple ways to show appreciation to your employees and co-workers

March 6 is Employee Appreciation Day, which is a great opportunity to honor those who work for you. If you think you have to offer expensive perks and rewards to let employees know you appreciate them, think again! There are many rewards you can provide to show your appreciation—on March 6 and every day—without spending a cent.

  • Sincere thanks. Work is often busy, and sometimes it’s easy to forget to thank an employee for a job well done. But try to remember, as a thank-you from the boss is something an employee really takes to heart. Whether you thank them in person or through email, be sure to be specific about what they did that you liked—that way, the employee knows you truly noticed the good job they did.
  • A moment of your time. Sometimes employees need to talk to you—maybe they have an idea to run past you or an on-the-job problem they want advice about. Do your best to make a little time to chat with your employees. They’ll appreciate you fitting them into your busy day and will feel you truly care about them and their concerns.
  • Flexible time. It’s not possible at every workplace, but where it is doable, allowing some flexibility in your employees’ schedules is a perk your workers will value. Consider allowing them to telecommute on occasion, or come in a little late after a doctor appointment.
  • Teambuilding activities. Helping employees get to know each other better can help foster friendships with coworkers, which can lead to employees being happier at work. Consider scheduling team outings from time to time. Try an after-work evening of fun like bowling or attending a sports game, or an at-work team lunch or breakfast.
  • A genuine compliment. Just like saying thank you, this is a simple reward that is truly appreciated. Again, be as specific as possible so that employees know you noticed and liked the hard work they did on a project.

Not a manager or supervisor? You can still help your co-workers feel appreciated at work. Here are a few simple ways:

  • Don’t take your coffee break alone. Instead, join up with a work buddy. Chatting for a couple minutes could help you both de-stress a little bit, plus it helps foster friendship.
  • Cheer them on. If your co-worker is tackling a tough project, offer kind words and motivation. Supporting their efforts will help them feel good.
  • Be trustworthy. Avoid being the office gossip. If a colleague entrusts you with a personal secret, keep it to yourself.
  • Remember to say thanks. Are you the leader on a project, or just working as part of a team with other co-workers? Either way, be sure to thank them for their contributions.

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