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TempoRun: Keep up with the beat!

Want to make running easier and more enjoyable? Tired of skipping over songs to match your pace? Now there is an app that will play songs to match your workout intensity. Rev up your run by switching from a relaxed tempo to a faster one. Recent studies have proven that the human body can withstand a greater amount of exertion when its movements are in sync with a musical beat.

How it works:

TempoRun is an app that is currently available for free on iOS devices. It is designed to match the music in your library to the intensity of your workout. It categorizes your songs into different running levels based on the tempo of each song. Your running pace is divided up into 10 levels. Level 1 is for walking, level 5 is for a light jog, and level 10 is for sprinting. TempoRun app will help you maintain your desired pace by playing songs with a tempo to match every step.

TempoRun provides two music options to choose from. The first is your iTunes library, which is the most convenient—however, that does depend on the genre of music in the library. For example, if your music library consists mostly of calming classical music, the app may have a difficult time finding songs to match a fast-paced run. If you think your personal music collection may not match up well to the pace of walking or running, this second music option would likely work better: utilizing SoundCloud, which allows you to listen to the radio while working out. SoundCloud does require a separate login from TempoRun, so if you are not already a SoundCloud member, you will need to set up an account (don’t worry, it’s free!).

To get started, you can create a TempoRun account that includes personal settings as well as a few statistical questions to promote accurate tracking. If you choose to use your iTunes library, it will autofill the songs in the correct levels. You can manually place the songs in the levels as well. When you are ready to start exercising, choose a song within the level you would like to begin with. The app will automatically start calculating your time, distance, and calories burned. With a simple, user-friendly interface, it’s easy to pause and skip songs, as well as toggle between levels.

A variety of stats can be tracked on this app, including distance, calories burned and best time. There is also an option to choose between indoor and outdoor exercise.

Pros: This app is very accurate when it comes to matching songs to appropriate levels and switching between these levels throughout your run.

Cons: Users report that at first it can be a little tricky gauging which tempo matches your natural pace.

Overall consensus: TempoRun makes running more enjoyable, and it is easy to use. Consider kicking your workout up a notch—keep your pace up with TempoRun!

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