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What quit-tobacco aids do you use?

As part of Health Advocate’s Commit to Quit Tobacco campaign, many of our members are aiming to quit tobacco. Quitting tobacco is difficult, but there are resources to help you succeed. There are quit-tobacco aids available–for example, nicotine patches and gum, prescription medications, and more. If you’re trying to quit, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor and find out if they recommend any of these quit-tobacco aids for you.

We asked some of our members who are participating in the Commit to Quit Tobacco campaign if they are using any quit-tobacco aids. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

“Not at all–cold turkey!” – Melody

“I may use the nicotine gum if I feel that I need it.” – Julie

“I’m considering using a combination of aids: prescription medications and the patch.” – Jori

“I’m trying an E-cigarette.” – Diana

“I started with the Patch because I can’t chew nicotine gum due to fractures in my teeth.  During the 7 days of the patch, I had cravings to smoke the entire time, but I didn’t.  Day 8, I switched to lozenges.  After 4 days of lozenges, I’ve lost all physical desire to smoke.  Praying I can stay quit for good after a 28-year habit.” — Joanna

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