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Healthy tips for pirates and landlubbers

Ahoy, me hearties! When you think of pirates, you might picture pirate ships, parrots, treasure maps, and golden doubloons. What you probably don’t picture when you think of pirates is good health. Being a pirate can be pretty dangerous—you might have limited access to nutritious food to eat or fitness equipment for exercise, and of course there’s always the danger of your ship sinking! So today, on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, we’re here to help pirates and landlubbers alike improve their health and wellness.

Avast ye! Check out these helpful, healthy resources…

Worried about scurvy? Then you need to make sure you’re getting the recommended amount of Vitamin C. Eating fruits and vegetables will help! Click here to learn ways to fit more of ‘em into your diet.

Have to walk the plank? Before you plunge into the water, check out our swimming safety tips.

Concerned with your supply of booty?  To make sure you have enough pieces of eight in your bank account, read about how an HSA can help you save money, ways to cut the costs of your prescription drugs, and tips to save money on your medical bills.

Boarding a pirate ship soon? Make sure you’re healthy enough to go—keep these travel tips in mind.

Want to avoid wearing an eye patch? Learn about eye disease screenings and when you should get them.

Want to know if your parrot sidekick can actually benefit your health? Find out about the potential health benefits of pet adoption.

Need to get in shape for pillaging and plundering? Build muscle and boost your fitness with our Workouts of the Week, like One-Arm Dumbbell Rows, Ab Rollers, Tricep Extensions, Burpees, and—every pirate’s favorite—Boat Pose.

Afraid of a pirate attack from a rival ship? In the case of rival pirates launching cannonballs and wreaking havoc on your ship, it’s a good idea to be prepared for emergencies—read this blog post for helpful tips!

Want to stay fit even aboard the pirate ship? You may not have access to much workout equipment aboard the ship, so try some of these equipment-free exercise ideas.

Pirate life too stressful for you? Being out on the open ocean or hunting buried treasure with bawdy buccaneers and seadogs isn’t easy, and after a while, the stress of the pirate lifestyle may catch up with you. Try these stress-fighting tips, which you can do pretty much anywhere—even on a pirate ship.

Stay safe aboard your ship! Protect yourself from harmful UV rays while you’re on deck. Remember to wear sunscreen, and the next time you stop at port, make sure to buy sunscreen and other items to help shield you from the sun. Click here to see exactly what you should shop for.

Be cool and stay hydrated. You’ll be in lots of sunshine when you work on the ship, so take precautions to keep yourself cool in the heat. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water—being properly hydrated can help you stay safe out there!

If you’re a pirate or a landlubber who has access to Health Advocate, call us for more healthy tips and advice on staying healthy at sea or on solid ground!