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Train your brain with Lumosity

Ready to “reclaim your brain?” There is anecdotal evidence that keeping the brain lively could be helpful in staving off early onset dementia. Looking for a way to keep your brain sharp? Enter Lumosity, one of the most developed applications for mental fitness and brain training available today.

How it works:

Lumosity is a free app that features games to help train and enhance your brain. It is currently available for iOS devices, Android and the web. A free seven-day trial period is available to all users, and the extended version of the service costs $14.95/month, which provides access to all features across web and mobile. Lumosity was developed by a team of neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists, and they have a prestigious research network, the Human Cognition project, that collaborates with 36 top universities around the world.

Lumosity is like a gym for your brain. Its games have an attractive old-school arcade game look and feel, and they are created to be highly effective for brain training. Lumosity’s program is based around five general cognitive areas: memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving.

To get started, download the app and register with your email address or social network. Then you will go through a goal-setting process, and after that, you will complete some initial tests to establish your baseline. These tests calculate your speed and accuracy using a combination of shapes and colors. The results of those tests will be used to create your personal training program. You will then start your daily training and be able to track your performance on the website.

Pros: Using the mobile device for your daily training is easier than going on the web to do it because using your device’s touchscreen is more convenient than using the arrow keys on the website. Two cool features of the app is that it also compiles users’ statistics into a Brain Performance Index (BPI), and has features that compare your scores with friends using the application. Additionally, Lumosity is aesthetically pleasing and well designed.

Cons: The games are challenging but tend to get repetitive after a while. Inputting credit card details is necessary for anyone who wants to continue training their brain once the week-long free trial ends.

Overall consensus: If you are looking for a fun way to boost your cognitive skills, then Lumosity can be a fun tool for you to try. There are many choices when it comes to brain training applications, but Lumosity seems to be the most popular.

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