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Get free, personalized running guidance with Gipis

On your mark, get set – GO! Whether you are training for your first race or to beat your personal record, Gipis creates a customized training regimen that will get you on the right path to meet your personal running goal.

How it works:

Gipis is a free app that is currently available for iOS devices; you can also use their companion website. It builds a personalized training plan tailored to your past running experience, current fitness level, and goal running distance. Gipis establishes challenging, yet realistic, goals for you to achieve and conquer.

Once you launch the app on your iPhone, the system will prompt you to enter your age, gender, weight, and height.  It will also ask you to provide information about your fastest recent run (you can select “nothing” as an option if you are a beginner), your goal distance, which days you would like to run, and your race date. If you aren’t training for a specific race, the app will set a training end date for you. Gipis uses all of this information to create a goal running time and a detailed training plan leading up to your big event. The plan consists of various phases that are designed to help you build speed and stamina over time.

When it’s time to start your run, tap the green button that says “Go workout.” This will prompt the GPS in the application to begin tracking your runs. In addition to running, you can log a variety of activities, including swimming and cycling. You can also access your running plan on the Gipis website.

You can add friends to your Gipis account to view their workouts and post your progress on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Pros: The training plan adapts to your progress and updates every time you track a run. Gipis syncs with RunKeeper, which allows all of your workouts to automatically upload into the application. Plus, it’s free!

Cons: This app is not available on Android devices and does not sync with many popular fitness devices.

Overall consensus: Gipis is a useful tool to build your endurance, track your runs, and meet your running goals. This app makes it easier to get up off the couch and prove you can run that race or beat a personal goal. Ready, set, run!
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