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Workout of the Week: Ab Rollers

This week’s workout is Ab Rollers. Ab Rollers is an exercise that has been around for decades, and there’s a good reason why–it works! The primary function of Ab Rollers is to assist with core-strengthening. Building a stable core helps you in all your physical activities and can help decrease your risk of injury. Ab Rollers require that your core muscles work together to properly execute the movement.

Not only are Ab Rollers effective, they’re also relatively inexpensive. To do them, it’s best to purchase an ab wheel–you can find different versions online for anywhere between $10 and $30. But fear not, if you don’t have an ab wheel or feel like buying one, no problem–you can still do this exercise! You can replicate the basic movement of the ab wheel by rolling up a towel and doing the exercise on a hardwood or non-carpeted floor.


Here’s how to do Ab Rollers:

  • Kneel on the floor and grasp the ab wheel handles.
  • Place the wheel on the floor beneath your shoulders and, with your arms and your back straight, slowly roll the wheel forward.
  • Keep your abs contracted and avoid arching your back. Roll as far forward as you can while maintaining a straight torso.
  • Use your abs, not your hips, to pull yourself back to starting position.
  • Repeat 10 to 12 times.



  • Ease into your repetitions to avoid straining your lower back.
  • If this exercise hurts your knees, place a folded towel or mat under them while you do the exercise.
  • Look straight ahead to prevent yourself from twisting.
  • If you have lower back issues, avoid trying Ab Rollers before speaking to your doctor about whether the exercise is appropriate for you.


We hope you’ll try Ab Rollers over the weekend and then build this exercise into your daily routine Monday through Friday of the coming week.

Want more fitness ideas?  If you’re a Health Advocate member with access to the Wellness Coaching program, reach out to your Wellness Coach for more healthy ideas to get—and stay—fit. And remember, talk to your doctor before beginning any new fitness regimen.