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Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Regardless of age, all mothers can benefit from the gift of good health. This year, kick it up a notch in the gift-giving department—consider bypassing the traditional flowers and candy and replacing them with one of these healthy gift ideas.

Day of Zen – Plan a day with your mom where her happiness and mental health is the top priority.  A day of low-key fun and relaxation just may be the perfect gift for a busy mom! Consider taking a yoga class together, getting massages, or taking your mom for a walk or hike.  Download an app like MapMyHike or AllTrails to find trails in your area.

A Healthy Meal – Invite your mom over and cook a delicious, healthy meal for her. This allows you and your mom to catch up and talk—and she won’t have to lift a finger in the kitchen!  Need recipe ideas? Check out our Healthy Eats board on Pinterest!

The Gift of Story – Reading is a healthy, relaxing activity. Gift your mother the latest book by her favorite author, a book by an author you know she’d love, a subscription to a magazine that fits her interests, or an e-book reader so that she can take all her favorite books on the go with her.

Picnic in the Garden – Moms who enjoy gardening would surely love a little extra help in the garden.  Plan a fun day of planting in the garden together. Or, if your mom already has everything planted, focus on tidying up the garden instead—help her with the weeding, mulching, pruning, and other activities that help keep the garden looking great. Bring over a healthy picnic lunch that you and your mom can eat outdoors during a break or after all the gardening work is done.

Wellness Kit – Give your mom some tools to begin and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Fill up a gym bag with a few goodies to get her started. Some ideas include:

  • Cookbook with healthy recipes, or a cooking magazine
  • Relaxing bath salts and moisturizing creams
  • A reusable water bottle
  • Healthy treats, like nuts, dried fruits, or dark chocolate bars
  • Activity tracking device or pedometer
  • A gift certificate to purchase new sneakers or workout attire

Healthcare help – If you are a Health Advocate member, remind your mother or mother-in-law that she can take advantage of this service, too. Health Advocate covers eligible employees and their dependent children as well as parents and parents-in-law.  Here are just some of the ways a Personal Health Advocate can help:

  • Find the right doctors, hospitals and other providers
  • Explain conditions; research latest treatments
  • Help schedule appointments and tests
  • Resolve billing and insurance claims issues
  • Secure second opinions
  • Clarify benefits coverage
  • Estimate costs of common procedures
  • Help you make informed decisions
  •  And more!

Mother’s Day is about recognition and appreciation of all mothers and maternal bonds in general, so whatever you decide to do for the special woman in your life, above all, make sure she knows she is appreciated and loved.