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Wellness App Review: Workout Trainer

Got 10 minutes to spare for a workout, but don’t know where to get started? Try Workout Trainer! The Workout Trainer app allows you to search for workouts designed by personal trainers based on time, target body area (i.e. abs, legs), equipment type, and difficultly level.  Many of the workouts do not require the use of any equipment, making this app a great resource to have on hand for on-the-go workouts.

How it works
The free app is available for download on the iPhone App Store and Google Play.  Premium workouts and additional features are available for an added fee.  It is simple to search for workouts on the app. You can use the filter option to find a specific workout or browse the full list of workout options.  Once you find a workout that meets your needs, click to start it. An audio coach will speak to you and tell you when to start each exercise.  If you are unsure about how to do any of the workouts, you can click to view photos and videos of how to do the exercises.

There is also an option to start workout programs, which range from 1 to 4 weeks in duration.  Most of these workouts require you to pay a premium for access.  You can schedule these workouts on your calendar and set reminders if you join a training program.

Pros: The Workout Trainer app is almost like having a 24/7 personal trainer in your pocket.  It is an affordable option for those who want personal instruction from a trainer without having to pay an expensive hourly fee.  Through this app, you can find quick 5-minute workouts that you can do on your work breaks.

Cons: The voice that comes with free version sounds very robotic, but you can get access to real voices of personal trainers for an added fee.

Overall consensus:
This app is definitely worth checking out.  It’s a great tool to learn about new exercises and how to do them properly.  The filtering functionality makes it simple to find the perfect workout to fit into your schedule.

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