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Wellness App Review: Nike+

Whether you are new to running or are a marathon runner, the free Nike+ app has the perfect blend of motivational and tracking tools to help you stay motivated with your running goals.  Tracking your runs can help you compare to past workouts and stick to your routine.

How it works
Nike+ uses GPS to track your distance, time, calories burned, and pace.  There is a built-in audio coach that talks to you as you are running and gives helpful updates about your pace and distance.  Before you start your run, you can set your running goal.  The app prompts you to select your run type (distance run, speed run, time run, or basic run that doesn’t involve distance or time goals).  The audio coach component is personalized based on your running goals.  For example, if you are running a 5K, the coach will let you know when you are at the halfway point and getting close to the finish line.  In addition to an audio coach, you can also join a free coaching program to train for a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon.

The app keeps a history of all your runs and summarizes key statistics on the homepage such as total number of miles ran, total number of runs, total number of calories burned, and average pace. It includes insightful information and trends such as your furthest run, longest run, your fastest 1K, and fastest 10K. On the activity page, you can view on a color-coded graph of how fast you ran throughout each run.

Pros: The audio coach component makes this app a great motivational tool.  The coaches that speak to you are famous athletes.  You can set up power songs to help you get through tough moments.  You can also post the start of your run on Facebook and hear real-time cheers for each like or comment that you receive.

Cons: Sometimes the app overestimates speed and distance.  If you are in an area with poor GPS signal, it can impact your data.

Overall consensus: Nike+ seems to be one of the stronger free running apps available, and it is well designed and easy to navigate.  Nike+ is sure to keep you moving forward with your running goals!

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