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Wellness App Review: Grocery iQ

How many times have you gone grocery shopping, driven home, and then realized that you forgot to purchase a key item? Planning your meals in advance and creating a grocery list for items you need not only helps you save time during the week, but also makes it easier to plan healthier meals for you and your family. The Grocery iQ app allows you and others in your household to create and manage shopping lists that are accessible on multiple devices with just one account.

How it works 

Grocery iQ is available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones, and you can also create grocery lists online through the Grocery iQ website. Download Grocery iQ or visit their website before your next trip to the grocery store so that you can plan your meals and create the corresponding grocery list in advance. To add items to your list, you can use the auto-suggest search function to manually add foods, scan the barcodes of items currently in your kitchen, or use the voice search option. Food items are grouped by aisle location, and you can also plug in additional information such as package size and price.

Grocery iQ allows you to create multiple shopping lists to help you stay organized. For example, if you shop at multiple grocery stores, you may want to create a list for each store. Once you get to the store, you can easily check off items from the list. The checked-off items go into your shopping history so that you can easily add them to future shopping lists. The app also has a built-in store locator to help you find nearby grocery stores and a search bar to find coupons that can be added to your grocery store loyalty card.

Pros: You can say goodbye to old-fashioned paper grocery lists! This app is extremely convenient and helps you save time at the grocery store. Another advantage of Grocery iQ is that you can easily share your shopping lists with other members of your household. The app syncs in real-time on multiple devices.

Cons: If you live in a rural area, the app may not allow you to save coupons to your store’s loyalty card. The app also allows you to “clip” product-specific coupons directly from the app, but they need to be printed in order to be redeemed at the store.

Overall consensus: If you are currently using paper grocery shopping lists or shop without using a list at all, Grocery iQ would be a great time-saving tool to try. The app is simple and straightforward, and it can help ensure that you don’t forget to buy an important item or ingredient.

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