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Ask a Health Advocate: Should I Attend My Company’s Health/Wellness Fair?

This is an easy one to answer. Definitely, absolutely, without a doubt—YES! It could even save your life.

Health/wellness fairs are becoming increasingly popular events for companies to hold. Keeping employees healthy can also help them stay productive, so it’s in companies’ best interests to take measures—like holding health/wellness fairs, offering wellness programs, and more—to increase employee health and well-being.

It doesn’t matter how busy your workday is—even the hardest-working, busiest employee should take a few minutes to visit the health/wellness fair. The big-picture benefits of attending include:

  • It can help you take steps to get healthier
  • It may give you better insight into your health status, and even alert you to major health risks/problems
  • It’s free to attend
  • You may get free goodies just for attending, such as healthy snacks, health and wellness information, tchotchkes, and more

While no two companies’ health/wellness fairs are created alike, many of them include some or even all of the following features:

  • Health screenings. These screenings (also known as biometric screenings) are becoming very popular with employers. Common examples are tests to determine your blood pressure, height and weight, body mass index (BMI), cholesterol, blood glucose, and more. These screenings can be done on-site, and you can be provided with instant results. In some cases, these results can be life-saving! I’ve heard of company wellness fair attendees who were unaware that they had incredibly high blood pressure until they got screened. Their blood pressure was high enough that they were encouraged to go to the hospital right away, and the treatment they received that day at the hospital—and the healthy lifestyle changes they made over time—helped to prevent major, life-threatening emergencies.
  • The chance to talk with a coach. A health/wellness coach can help interpret your screening results and recommend healthy lifestyle changes. For example, if your screening results indicate that you have high blood glucose, the coach may suggest making dietary changes that could help lower your blood sugar and your risk for Type 2 diabetes.
  • The opportunity to sign up with the company’s wellness program. If your company has a wellness program, keep an eye out for ways you can sign up for the wellness program at the health/wellness fair.
  • Health/wellness information. There may be flyers or handouts that include healthy tips, recipes, and more.
  • Healthy tchotchkes. Common examples are water bottles, pedometers, and stress balls—things that promote good health and wellness.
  • Healthy snacks. Yummy, good-for-you treats like cut-up fruit, sliced veggies, and smoothies may be offered.

When your company lets you know the health/wellness fair is coming, read the communications carefully to see what healthy features you can take advantage of. Even if you have a heavy workload that day, make your health a priority—schedule the health/wellness fair in your calendar like you would any other appointment, and be sure to attend.

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