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Wellness App Review: DietBet

If you’re looking to lose some weight and need extra motivation and support to reach your goal, DietBet might be a great solution for you.

What is DietBet?
The idea behind DietBet is simple – you join a DietBet game by paying the entry fee. At the end of the game, everyone that meets the goal splits the pot. You have the option to keep your earnings or to donate them to a charity. The amount that you need to “bet” to join the game typically ranges from $25 to $30 per month. If you are participating in a six-month game, you can go “all in” up front or pay month-by-month.

How the game works
There are two different categories of DietBet. DietBet 4 challenges participants to lose 4% of their body weight in 4 weeks. The DietBet 10 challenges participants to lose 10% of their body weight over six months.

By joining the game, you immediately get access to a network of people that have a similar health goal. Participants can post comments and status updates and scroll through the newsfeed to see how others are doing with their goal. DietBet also provides regular updates on the overall weight loss trends for the entire group. For additional support, it’s also possible to share milestones on Facebook and Twitter with family and friends.

To qualify for the grand prize at the end of the game, you need to participate in 2-3 mandatory weigh-ins throughout the game. Mandatory weigh-ins are reviewed by the DietBet team to prevent cheating. To submit a verified weigh-in, participants submit two photos. The first shot is a head-to-toe photo of themselves standing on the scale. The second photo is a close-up of the player’s weight on the scale with a piece of paper in the shot showing the special code word of the day.

DietBet helps make losing weight fun and social – an idea known as “social dieting.”  Plus, there is the potential to earn some extra money by meeting your goal. The combination of a cash incentive and having a social network for support might be just the motivation you need to reach your weight goal.

Participating in the game requires you to “bet” a significant amount of money, and if you don’t reach your weight goal, you may feel discouraged. Not only do you lose the game, but you will also lose some cash. Even though there are several safeguards in place to ensure that you don’t lose weight too quickly or in an unhealthy manner, some people could feel pressured to crash diet if they are just a few pounds away from reaching the final goal.

Overall consensus:
This app isn’t for everyone. If the pressure of competing against others with the risk of losing your cash will make you overly stressed, this app isn’t for you. But if you are a competitive person looking for a social network of people whose goals are similar to yours, DietBet may be a helpful resource to check out.

The DietBet app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can also participate online by visiting

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