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Workout of the Week: Calf Raises

This week’s WOW: Calf Raises

For this Workout of the Week, we will be focusing on our calf and ankle muscles. Calf raises are a great way to build both strength and mobility in your knees, legs and ankles. Here’s how to try this exercise:

  • Find a step with a railing –this could be at your house, the park, or work.
  • Stand on the step, facing the stairs, with the pads of your feet resting halfway on the step and your heels hanging off. Make sure to place your hands on a railing for balance and support.
  • Next, slowly try to touch your heels to the floor behind you. (Hint: this is also a great way to stretch your calf muscles.)
  • Then, raise your body by standing only on the pads of your feet and toes.

Calf Raise

  • Do this about 20-30 times or until your legs get tired. You should feel healthy tension in your calf muscles. Need a bigger challenge?  Try doing multiple sets of about 20-30 calf raises to get a more intense calf workout.

Need a visual guide? Watch this short video demonstrating proper calf raises:

If you have pre-existing knee or ankle problems, please speak to your doctor before trying this workout.

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Remember, before beginning any new fitness regimen, talk to your doctor to make sure the workout is right for you.