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How EAPs Can Benefit a Company’s Employees…and Its Bottom Line

Job stress is a leading source of stress for Americans, costing businesses $200-$300 billion a year in terms of lost productivity, disability, absenteeism and presenteeism (where employees are present but function below par), according to the American Psychological Association. When an employee is suffering from personal issues, it is likely their work will also suffer, which can lead to the company being negatively affected, too.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are designed to reduce the impact that social, psychological or work/life balance problems have on the employee in order to reduce the financial impact on the company. More employers are adopting Employee Assistance Programs in order to promote a productive, effective and functional working environment. 

Health Advocate’s EAP+Work/Life service offers employees short-term help for issues like mental illness, stress-related illness, substance abuse, work-related problems, family-related problems and more. Additionally, our EAP+Work/Life service can make referrals for long-term care, such as counseling, when appropriate. Our EAP+Work/Life service aims to help employees handle their personal issues so that they can be happier, less stressed, and more productive.

Here are just a few of the benefits Health Advocate’s EAP+Work/Life service could bring to your company:

  • Increased productivity. Our EAP+Work/Life service is designed to improve the productivity of employees. In addition to helping resolve employees’ personal issues, this service can also provide the Human Resources department of your company with critical incidence planning, conflict resolution help, and more. While helping employees deal with all of life’s ups and downs, our EAP+Work/Life service is also setting the groundwork for effective company growth and development.
  • The right resources at the right time. Our EAP+Work/Life specialists are experts at connecting employees with the appropriate services to meet their needs. They assess individual employee needs, refer employees to suitable services and provide employees and their families with confidential access to professional health services.
  • Higher morale. A happy and healthy employee is likelier to be productive and effective. Our EAP+Work/Life service helps ensure that employees are adequately taken care of so they can perform well on the job. Plus, when a company provides an EAP service, employees feel supported by their company, and in return they feel motivated to give the company their best work.
  • Reduced turnover. Many employees leave their jobs as a result of work-related or personal stress. These high turnover rates can be costly for any company. Our EAP+Work/Life service can improve working environments by giving employees a valuable source of support. This can help employees feel less stressed, which can lead to fewer resignations.  

To learn more about how our EAP+Work/Life service can help your company, contact your Health Advocate representative.