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15 Healthy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner.  Are you prepared with a thoughtful gift for your dad, father-in-law, and/or someone who’s been a father figure in your life?  If you’re stumped on what to buy for that special guy, we’re here to help.  Health Advocate offers 15 great gift ideas for dads—and better yet, all 15 ideas keep Dad’s health and wellness top of mind.

Give the gift of fitness

  • A pedometer: A pedometer can track how many steps a person walks in a day—and research shows that using a pedometer can motivate people to walk more steps than usual.  Give dad that extra little push he needs to incorporate more fitness into his daily routine!
  • A personal training session: Has your dad always been interested in learning how the fitness machines at the gym work, or learning what types of workouts could get him better results?  Get him a personal training session at a gym in his area.
  • New sports equipment or attire: Is Dad a golfer?  Tennis enthusiast?  Cyclist or runner?  There are so many pieces of equipment or accessories that you could give him as a gift.  If his tennis racquet is falling apart or his favorite cycling shirt is ripped, this is the opportunity to buy him a replacement.  Or get him some new golf balls or a golf towel, water bottle, sweatbands, or a gift certificate to a local sporting goods store so he can buy something that he needs.

Give the gift of relaxation

  • Serenity: Treat Dad to a series of classes to help him de-stress, relax, and recharge. Tai chi, yoga or meditation classes are all interesting choices. On a budget?  Look to your favorite daily deals website to see if any discounted classes are available in your dad’s neighborhood.
  • Massage: Purchase a gift certificate for a massage—getting a massage may be able to alleviate some of Dad’s stress.
  • Help with chores: Does Dad hate weeding or mowing the lawn?  Take those chores off his hands!  Be creative—consider making a homemade coupon book with tear-out coupons for each chore you’re willing to help out with.
  • A new hammock: Does Dad need a little R&R?  Give him a new hammock—it can be his space to relax in, and it’s a perfect spot for him to read a book or magazine, enjoy his favorite drink, watch a sunset or take a snooze.

Give the gift of fun and leisure

  • Tickets to a ball game: Get Dad tickets for you and him to attend a baseball game. If the stadium allows you to bring in outside food, make sure to take along some healthy snacks for the game. Bring along pre-cut vegetables (like carrots, celery, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes), pre-make individual fruit cups (try including grapefruit, blueberries, strawberries, mandarin oranges or pineapple). Or make your own trail mix with peanuts, cashews, almonds, dried cranberries, raisins and sunflower seeds.
  • A fun day together.  What does your dad like to do for fun?  Is his ideal day spent catching fish, hitting holes-in-one, or taking a bike ride?  Whatever your dad’s passion is, take some time to enjoy it with him and give him a special day to remember.
  • A mini-getaway: If your dad’s in need of a vacation, gift him a weekend retreat.  This is a great “group gift” idea—ask your siblings if they want to chip in!  If your dad needs some relaxation, consider booking a weekend at a nice bed and breakfast.  If your dad enjoys fishing, rent a cabin by the lake.  If he enjoys camping, rent him an RV for a few days.
  • Boosted brain power: Help keep your dad’s mind sharp with fun puzzles!  Gift him a book of crossword puzzles, word games, Sudoku…it’s a gift he can take anywhere and do anytime.

Give the gift of healthy food

  • A special dinner: Visit your dad and cook him a healthy, delicious meal.  If you don’t know what his favorite foods are, ask him!  Don’t forget to see if you can “healthify” the recipes—for example, bake, grill or broil the meat you’re cooking instead of frying it.  Steam the vegetables and use herbs and spices, not butter, to add extra flavor.  And if you’re baking him a cake for dessert, substitute applesauce for oil in the recipe.
  • Grilling accoutrements: If your dad likes to barbecue, consider giving him some accessories to barbecue with.  There are so many great options—a few ideas include a set of meat rubs, skewers for grilling shrimp or kebobs, a cookbook that focuses on interesting grilling recipes, or a vegetable tray or basket to help him cook veggies on the grill.
  • Edible plants: If your dad enjoys eating healthy foods, buy him a plant that he can harvest and eat!  Some tomato plants and strawberry plants can be grown even on small porches or balconies, and they can yield delicious bounty.  Or, give him some herbs (like chives, parsley, mint and more) planted in small pots—he can grow them outdoors or indoors and use them as needed.

Give the gift of healthy help

  • If you are a Health Advocate member, honor your father or father-in-law by reminding them about Health Advocate’s Health Advocacy service. Health Advocate covers eligible employees, their dependent children, parents and parents-in-law.  Remember, as people age, they often have many more health concerns than before. With these concerns comes the added headache of handling and managing health insurance, doctor’s appointments, deductibles, coinsurance, Medicare coverage, medication, claims, and overall healthcare complexities. A Personal Health Advocate can help resolve many healthcare- and insurance-related issues—encourage your dad to call today!