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Trick or Treat: Give Me Something Healthy to Eat

Halloween is just around the corner, and visions of candy corn, chocolates and other sinful treats may be dancing in your head. While you vowed to stay healthy on Halloween, you don’t necessarily have to forgo all those delightful, sumptuous treats. If you’re throwing a waist-friendly Halloween bash, or just want to try a few healthy options, don’t say no to the sweet treats just yet. Here are some healthier options you can indulge in without feeling too guilty.

No Halloween is complete without pumpkins! Why not try making some pumpkin carrot muffins, a healthier alternative to a chocolate cupcake? This sweet treat is fortified with vegetables. Your kids will love them…and won’t even know they’re packed with healthy goodness. To get the recipe, click here:

After you’ve carved your jack-o-lantern, don’t throw away the pumpkin seeds just yet. Pumpkin seeds are a healthier snack than candy, and it’s easy to spice them up for more flavor. Try seasoning your pumpkin seeds with brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice. Get the recipe here:

Get into the spirit of Halloween with holiday-inspired treats, like yummy banana ghost pops. This recipe includes healthy ingredients like bananas, shredded coconut and orange juice. The pops are easy to make and are sure to be a fun treat at your party. To check out how to make these spooktacular treats, go to

Do you crave candy corn? Just 13 pieces of candy corn equal 100 calories. If you are a candy lover, try making a less processed, less sugary version of this iconic Halloween treat. This healthified candy corn contains lemon extract and brown rice syrup. To learn more on how to make it, visit

Are you looking for a healthy Halloween appetizer for your family or friends? Surprise them with these mini mummy pizzas that are sure to put smiles on their faces. All you need is a whole-wheat English muffin, low-fat cheese, olives and tomato sauce. Check out this easy recipe:

Halloween treats don’t have to be frighteningly unhealthy—there are plenty of good-for-you treats that can satisfy your sweet tooth. If you are a Health Advocate member who is looking for more information on healthy eating or learning how to make healthier alternatives to your favorite foods, reach out to your Personal Health Advocate, who can connect you with a nutritionist, or speak to your Wellness Coach. Not a Health Advocate member? Visit Health Advocate’s Pinterest boards for lots of healthy meal and snack ideas!