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I like to move it, move it (at work)

Recent studies have shown that sitting down all day just isn’t healthy, and that people with desk jobs should make it a point to get up every 20 to 30 minutes. Do you feel so chained to your desk that getting up frequently feels impossible? It’s actually much easier than it seems to get up and move around for a couple minutes. Check out our list of excuses (and other helpful tips) to get up off your rear end and get movin’!

  • Walk that file over to your coworker instead of using interoffice mail or email.
  • When doing any walking around your office, maximize your exercise by choosing the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Chilly from the air conditioning? Walk outside to stand in the sunshine for a few minutes.
  • Have trouble remembering to get up for walk breaks? Set alarms for yourself in programs such as Outlook.
  • Need a trip to the loo? Head to a bathroom that’s farther away to get yourself a little more exercise during your break.
  • Ask your manager if you can have “walking” team meetings instead of having meetings while seated in the conference room. (Let coworkers know in advance to bring sneakers!)
  • Bring easy-to-eat food and eat it while walking on your lunch break.
  • Walk to the water cooler and pour yourself a healthy 8 oz. of water.
  • Want more than just a stroll or stretch? Check out a variety of at-your-desk exercises from WebMD and Greatist.
  • On days when there’s good weather and adequate light, consider parking in the farthest corner of your office parking lot so that you can squeeze in some extra steps at the beginning and end of your day.
  • On a long conference call, or even a quick phone call? Get up and pace or walk in place while you talk.
  • Got the midday munchies? Take a 5-minute walk break instead of a snack break. By the time you’re back at your desk, you may feel more satisfied and less hungry.
  • If there’s no specific reason to get up from your desk to do something, just stand up and stretch.
  • At the end of the day, get a bit of exercise as well as a clean desk. Put away papers and files, dust or wipe down your desk, and get movin’ by tidying up.

Curious about other ways to fit exercise and wellness into your workday? If you have access to a wellness coach through a program like Health Advocate, give your coach a call to ask! Or you can always make an appointment with your primary care physician to address your fitness questions and needs.