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Easy, inexpensive, indoor fitness ideas for the winter months

Now that we’re approaching winter, with most areas of the country feeling noticeably colder, it’s understandable that you don’t want to go outside and walk or jog.  But that’s no excuse for not following through on your fitness goals.  Check out these inexpensive and easy ways to stay fit even when it’s cold outside.

•    Go walking…indoors.  Find a safe place to walk, like your local mall.  Some malls even open earlier to accommodate early birds who like to walk the mall in the morning.
•    Just dance.  Turn on your favorite music video channel, plug in your MP3 player, and dance!  Not only can you burn calories, but it’ll help your circulation, too.
•    Exercise, no gym required.  You can do crunches, jumping jacks, and more all in the comfort of your own living room.  Why not exercise throughout the commercial breaks of your favorite TV show?  Also, check with your cable provider–many of them offer on-demand exercise videos that are included in your cable subscription.
•    Get in touch with your inner kid.  Did you used to jump rope on the playground when you were little?  Why not try it again now?  It’s a fun way to get your body movin’.  This is best attempted in your garage or some other room with a higher ceiling and no breakable objects nearby.
•    Reorganize your kitchen cabinets.  Lifting 1-pound cans of food can help you tone your arms!
•    Get squeaky clean.  There are so many cleaning-related activities that can get you up and moving–vacuuming, doing the laundry, washing dishes, changing the sheets/making the beds, moving from room to room to dust various surfaces…  This not only gets you a cleaner house, but it gets you a fitter you!
•    Have a yoga party.  Rent a yoga DVD, or find a yoga video online.  Invite friends to come over and do yoga with you.  Namaste!
•    Stay on pace.  If you’re on the phone, don’t plop down in a chair–instead, pace.  Any extra walking is good for you, even if it’s just back and forth in your kitchen or living room.

As always, if you’re considering starting any new fitness regimen, talk to your doctor first.